Why you should spend more for good quality hair extensions




Hair weave is a popular choice for fashionable women.they buy human weave hair to finish various hair looks.hair weave help women to add a couple of length and volume to their locks without waiting months for their natural hair to grow. There are different kinds and price of extensions to choose fron in the market, and a new user may get confused when choosing hair extensions. If have enough budget, Nadula hair recommend that you buy goog quality human hair rather than cheaper synthetic hair.


Cheap synthetic hairis made of chemical composition, can damages your natural hair and can cause scalp irritation if you are sensitive constitution. And it look not as natural as human hair when wear on. It’s coarse and rough than human hair. Virgin human Hair, this is hair that is cut with the cuticle going in the same direction and in its natural state. No chemicals have been added to it. This type of hair can come from any race and is usually more expensive because of the time it takes to grow and because it is found in lesser abundance. Human hair lasts longer, and it will look like your real hair and can be treated like one. But synthetic hair cannot use any heat, and you can not swim with them.


Some hair habits you need to stop

For hair,good habits can make your hair condition better and better,in contrast,bad habit can lead to some terrible results such as shed and loss.Hair is important to the look for a people,so hair should be treated with heart, and you should stop your habits that may harmful to your hair.


Many people are used to washing hair at night,but go to bed before the hair is dry thoroughly.This is not good to your hair,hair is soft,fragile and easy out of shape when wet, so the friction of pillow will damage your hair.It’s better to dry your hair throughly before you go to sleep.Besides,you should avoide combing your hair when it is wet which will lead to hair loss.


Unbalanced diet is harmful to your hair, zinc and protein loss also will lead to hair loss, Green leafy vegetables, carrots, beans food, are excellent choice to strengthen the scalp cuticle. If you want to make your head more thick,strong,healthy and shiny, you can add some nutritional supplements while eating.


Hair loss is a normal phenomenon. About 50-100 per person per day hair, no need to panic.

However, the hair will increase the frequency of hair pulling away from the scalp.

In addition to avoid hair in wet hair (greater friction), it is best to use the round tooth hair comb. if you have a little curly, choose a wide tooth comb.

For more hair knowledge,you can go to nadula hair, nadula hair supply human hair products, if your hair condition is not very good but you want a new hair style,you can choose a hair extension or weave such as Brazilian curly hair which is easy to care.


How to make you damaged hair recover



Hair extensions are used by many people every day, you may style your hair sometimes and your overlook the maintainence of them.So when your hair is in bad condition, what should you do to care your hair to refresh it?Heren Nadula hair show you some measures you can do in daily life.


Handle your hair gently when you wash and dry it. Hair extensions are a fragile material that needs to be treated with care, especially when they are wet. Because wet hair breaks easily, so it's important to be gentle when you're washing and toweling your hair dry.

Shampoo no more than once or twice a week. When you wash your hair too often, your hair extensions will be dry and loose shine, you can add some oils or leave-in conditioner when washing your hair.

Let your hair air dry instead of using heat to dry. This is a difficult rule to follow for people who are used to using hair dryers and other heat styling tools to create the perfect look every day. The heat everyday can bring along term damage to your hair.Just use a towel to absorb the moist in the hair and put it on a flat surface to air dry. You will find the condition of your hair extensions will be better and better.


Avoid restrictive hairstyles. Certain styles pull on the hair and cause it to fray or break. Hair extensions and weaves are particularly bad for the hair. Whether they're sewn in or glued to your hair, they inevitable result in damage (and in worst-case scenarios, bald spots). When you're working to restore your hair to health, it's best to completely avoid styles that are hard on the hair.

Use a hair iron to straight your hair


If you are tired of wavy hair or curly hair?These two tyeps hair tend to become dry easily.Many women choose straight hair,they straighten their hair in the morning and want their hair to keep straight well.You can use hair iron to straighten your hair in a short, which is a good choice if you don’t have too much time spend on your hair.Straight hair is


Wash and blow-dry your hair.For thick, frizzy hair, use a smoothing shampoo and conditioner. For thin, flat hair, use volumizing products.

Apply a heat protection spray. The heat protection spray locks in moisture and prevents hair from becoming dry and frazzled.


Divide your hair into sections. Dividing your hair into sections will ensure that you can straighten your hair properly, without missing any strands.


Set your straightening iron to the low setting for your hair type. Using the right temperature for your hair will ensure you get the best results and will prevent you from doing damage to your hair.


Firstly straighten the bottom layer of hair. Hold the hair taut. Use one hand to hold the section of hair taut as you clamp the straightening iron around it and smooth it through the hair.

Straighten the next layer of hair. Once you have straightened the bottom layer of hair, unclip the next section and begin to straighten it using the same technique as before.



After you finish your task, use a finishing product. You can use hair p[roduct to add shine, Just don't add any mousse or water-based product as this will dampen the hair and cause it to turn wavy.

Nadula hair review

There is a Youtube review of Nadula hair that prompted me to purchase this and I ordered four bundles, which is 24inch & 26inch & 28inch & 30inch.


The delivery times take less than 4 days, shipping from USA by DHL directly.  Overall my transaction was very smooth, the quality was superb, and communication with the seller was excellent. I used all four bundles and have minimal leave out. I've experienced minimal shedding over the past three weeks. it's so soft to the touch.  The hair straightens well either!!


How to love your curly hair

As we all know, curly hair tend to frizz easily, and there is a constant slightly out-of-control feeling over your hair. That’s because curly hair has a natural tendency for dryness than straighter hair types. Here’s some tips to love your hair.


Don’t Brush Your Hair


Brushing your curly hair can separates the curls, and the individual strands are simply frizzle up, thus you could choose a good tooth comb or just use your fingers to cvomb. It’s best to softly comb your hair before a shower once it’s dry .Comb when hair is still wet can damage thte hair and make it shade easily.


Use Weekly Hair Treatments


Curly hair is usually more more easily to dryness and frizz because it’s harder for the natural oils and nutrients from your scalp to reach the ends of your hair. Using a weekly hair mask or treatment can help to repair and bring your hair back to life. It’s recommend applying hair mask or maintain once a week to keep your hair moist.


Proper Prepared


Frizz can pop up when you least expect it if you get caught in the rain. We always carry a lightweight anti-frizz serum in our bags in the case our hair decides to pouf up mid-day. If you find yourself in that situation, apply a little serum and immediately pull your hair into a braid or bun to smooth it out.


Use hair extensions

Use hair extensions to protect your natural hair, human hair from Nadula shop is highly spoken of, they can help you to switch hair-style without damage your natural hair.When you want to try ona new color or a new fashion style, you just go to nadula shop pick your ideal hair extensions.

Hair extensions for curly hair

If you have gorgeous super curly hair, you probably think that you won’t be able to get away with wearing M + B Hair Extensions, right? Simply because it will never match the texture of your hair or blend with your super tight curls etc. Not quite, girls. M + B Hair Extensions work amazingly well with super curly hair if you know a couple of tricks and tips and obviously, we’re going to let you in on these little secrets.

So, if you have super tight curls/afro hair a la’ Fleur East and Solange Knowles your hair extensions can definitely blend with your curls, trust us on this. Both Fleur and Solange have actually worn M + B Hair Extensions to super size their afro and how amazing does it look!? We’re totally obsessed. Anyway, back to your hair - if you want your hair extensions to blend with your tight curls/afro hair then firstly, the hair extensions will need to be set on perming rods. Once the hair has cooled down, be sure to brush out the curls for an amazing full finish. This will infuse plenty of volumes and expand the extensions to create amazing, afro-textured hair. This same technique applies for tight ringlets, too. Also, don’t worry if perming rods are a little unknown to you, then simply use a super small curling tong like a chopstick curl to achieve curls just like your own hair.

If your curly hair has a slight wave to them, then this can, of course, be achieved on your clip in hair extensions, too! The Professional Deep Wave & Big Curl Styler is perfect for achieving effortless, loose waves in your hair extensions as well as your natural hair for a flawless finish. You can also use a large barrelled curling tong to achieve effortless waves in your hair extensions, too. Just be sure to use a good heat protector and let the curls cool before your brush them out for an effortless finish to match your natural hair texture.

Finally, once you have styled your tresses to perfection, be sure to spritz over with some flexible hairspray for enviable hold and movement that last all day long.