What is co-washing for your hair?

Many ladies tend to wear hair extension everyday, hair extension can bring various hairstyles, but you should take care of your hair to make it fresh and silky. Co-washing is a vital step to take care of your hair, it merely means that conditioner washing. it's a key task in extending the lifetime of your hair extensions and keeping them healthy. we tend to advocate a co-wash once every week with a moisturizing conditioner to make sure your hair gets the nutrients and wet it desires. after you receive your extensions it's vital to co-wash the hair because it has been through many worker's hands, manufacturers’ hands, packaging. Shampooing the hair will strip the hair entirely an excessive amount of. forever use heat water, as predicament can overexpose the cuticle of the hair. If you have any other question about hair, nadula hair will help to solve all your problem.