Some hair habits you need to stop

For hair,good habits can make your hair condition better and better,in contrast,bad habit can lead to some terrible results such as shed and loss.Hair is important to the look for a people,so hair should be treated with heart, and you should stop your habits that may harmful to your hair.


Many people are used to washing hair at night,but go to bed before the hair is dry thoroughly.This is not good to your hair,hair is soft,fragile and easy out of shape when wet, so the friction of pillow will damage your hair.It’s better to dry your hair throughly before you go to sleep.Besides,you should avoide combing your hair when it is wet which will lead to hair loss.


Unbalanced diet is harmful to your hair, zinc and protein loss also will lead to hair loss, Green leafy vegetables, carrots, beans food, are excellent choice to strengthen the scalp cuticle. If you want to make your head more thick,strong,healthy and shiny, you can add some nutritional supplements while eating.


Hair loss is a normal phenomenon. About 50-100 per person per day hair, no need to panic.

However, the hair will increase the frequency of hair pulling away from the scalp.

In addition to avoid hair in wet hair (greater friction), it is best to use the round tooth hair comb. if you have a little curly, choose a wide tooth comb.

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