Why you should spend more for good quality hair extensions




Hair weave is a popular choice for fashionable women.they buy human weave hair to finish various hair looks.hair weave help women to add a couple of length and volume to their locks without waiting months for their natural hair to grow. There are different kinds and price of extensions to choose fron in the market, and a new user may get confused when choosing hair extensions. If have enough budget, Nadula hair recommend that you buy goog quality human hair rather than cheaper synthetic hair.


Cheap synthetic hairis made of chemical composition, can damages your natural hair and can cause scalp irritation if you are sensitive constitution. And it look not as natural as human hair when wear on. It’s coarse and rough than human hair. Virgin human Hair, this is hair that is cut with the cuticle going in the same direction and in its natural state. No chemicals have been added to it. This type of hair can come from any race and is usually more expensive because of the time it takes to grow and because it is found in lesser abundance. Human hair lasts longer, and it will look like your real hair and can be treated like one. But synthetic hair cannot use any heat, and you can not swim with them.